Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Provencal Chicken

 This chicken is quite tasty, and easy to make. I think it takes about 15 minutes from start to finish and it is quite healthy. Hope you enjoy!

Boneless skinless chicken breasts (pounded thin)
Salt and pepper
2 garlic cloves minced
1 half a lemon
1/4 cup of chicken stock
2 teaspoons of herbs de' Provence (Found on spice aisle)
1 pad of butter

  Sprinkle chicken breasts with salt, pepper, and one teaspoon of herbs. Make sure and season both sides of the chicken. Heat about one tablespoon of olive oil in a pan on medium-high heat. Brown chicken on both sides. This is about three or four minutes per side. Then, remove the chicken from pan. Turn heat down to medium. Add garlic, and cook for 30 seconds. Then add chicken stock, remaining herbs, and lemon juice. Cook for about 3 minutes. Turn off the heat, and add one pad, or half a tablespoon of butter. Pour sauce over the chicken. Enjoy!

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